​​​​​​​Awesome!!, March 13, 2009
By Kara Schreiber "Kara" (Staten Island, NY) 
Great book and an easy read. Interesting and very touching. Moved me to tears and such a wonderful story.

Mother and Daughter No More Soup, April 8, 2009
By Mark Allen "Mark"(Tampa,Florida USA) 
I have read the book twice and cannot even imagine the pain that someone can endure. She truly is an inspiration. I feel that the book would be a great read for a lot of people and to hold every day precious.

Real Life, April 7, 2009
NTM (New York) 
A heart warming story of love and commitment. Well written....Will make you question basic meanings of life....Must read for all!

Great Read, March 18, 2009
By Angela R. Zonin  (New Jersey)  
Interesting story...one you have to read to believe. Your heart goes out to the author....great book. Would recommend it to a


The Staten Island Advance did a review and article in their April 30, 2009 edition of the East Shore Section titled "Grasmere Woman Finds the Healing Power of the Pen" quoting that "The author reveals a poignant portrayal of heart breaking moments no family should ever have to endure.  A highly readable and thought provoking recount of events which is leavened with humor and exploration of feelings."

Mother and Daughter ( No More Soup)​