​​​I have written a story based on the actual events and experiences of my life which includes a true and accurate account, to the best of my recollection, of many memorable moments, both happy and tragic, as is depicted in the book.

My Background

After high school, I took Psychology and Philosophy courses in College and volunteered at the Eden II Institute as an assistant teacher for autistic children.  However, my work background has been consistent in the administrative field and as an experienced Paralegal. 

My life experiences include dealing with the public as well as interaction and communication with many medical personnel due to the illnesses of my father and husband. I have gained the knowledge and skills to verbally convey my thoughts and feelings  in a mature and intelligent manner and conduct myself accordingly, even under severe stress and adverse conditions.

About Me

I have remarried and still reside in Staten Island with my husband and my daughter.  I also have a son (with a baby grandson on the way) and my husband has three daughters, a grandson and granddaughter.  Together we have a beautiful blended family.

We love to travel and would like to be able to travel to Italy one day.  Our favorite place is Aruba where we have vacationed many times.  It holds a special place in our hearts since it was our first vacation together.

 We had a Golden Retriever named "Bella Mia" who sadly and suddenly passed away last year.  But, we now have a new Golden Retriever "Mollie Belle"!

Mother and Daughter ( No More Soup)​